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Mr. & Mrs. William Dyster

Town hall Siena 2007
"Dear Daniela,
Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. Planning it out of one's own country can seem overwhelming and the destination of Italy is no exception to this. But most of the work involved in planning our wedding was handled by Daniela Haltmayer.
We live in the U.S. and my wife is a naturalized citizen, which can add more potential problems for a wedding in Italy. Apostilles, atto notorios, nulla ostas, etc.
Reserving a wedding hall, flowers, transportation, the list goes on. And during the planning we had plenty of questions for Daniela, all handled by e-mail. And Daniela responded promptly to each e-mail. Once we arrived in Italy it all went as planned and everything was handled by Daniela thoroughly, courteously and professionally.
We are still amazed at how well it all went; we were expecting many problems and frustrations. There were none. And after arriving home in the U.S. our wedding was legalized in our country very quickly as Daniela promised. Daniela, we thanked you a couple of times before we left Italy and let me take this opportunity to thank you once more.Sincerely,"
Mr. & Mrs. William Dyster
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Civil wedding in the town hall Siena