Religious Weddings in Italy

Officially recognised Religious weddings in Italy are celebrated in a Church — below we show you a selection of beautiful Churches in Tuscany and in Umbria. Your Catholic wedding can be legally binding at the same time if you decide to present all legal required documents to the Town Hall office.

We know Catholic priests, Protestant and Anglican ministers in Italy who will be happy to celebrate and personalize your Religious wedding in Tuscany and in Umbria.

The team of Dream Weddings Tuscany assists you with the necessary legal and religious documents, the text of the ceremony, the musical moments, the wedding booklet and obviously a rehearsal in the Church prior to your wedding day will be part of this service.

Your Religious wedding may be performed in one of these beautiful settings: a small medieval stone Church in the countryside, a Church in the city centre, or a small Chapel at the estate of a private villa.

The availability of any particular Church or Chapel depends on the local priest with whom we have established good relations.

Churches and Chapels in Tuscany

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Chapel 04

Chapel 05

Church 01

Church 02

Church 03

Church 04

Church 05

Church 07